Maritime Law

Yachting Law

Given its far-reaching cooperation with top Italian and foreign shipyards, the Law Firm can assist the Client, be it a shipyard, dealer, broker or buyer, from the initial contact phase, going on to the proper contractual phase, regarding the drafting of contracts of ship- and yacht-building, of sale and of repairing.

With the fullest assistance and support of the Client, both about the specific maritime and civil law aspects of the business, and the tax and fiscal aspects, if any.

The Law Firm gives special attention to the study of the rules of a business field in constant evolution giving the Client with tailor-made advice.

The Law Firm can assists the Client also for any type of litigation, be it before a Court or arbitration panel, in case of damages, inherent vices, reimbursement of damages and in general every case of litigation regarding a yacht/pleasure unit be it registered for private, commercial and also sporting activity.


Maritime Insurance

Between the Clients of the Law Firm there is more than one well known Italian and foreign insurance broker and insurance company. The Law Firm protects the rights and interests of the Client regarding every aspect of their activity connected to any damage and occurrence covered by the insurance.

The Law Firm studies and handles a claim in all of its phases, out of Court pre-contentious including mediation and ADR and litigation.

Again, the wide experience accrued in this field and the strong cooperation with the top professionals of the field allows the Law Firm to give the Client assistance and support with the widest scope, from opening a claim to the recourse action in Hull & Machinery, TPL, P&I Insurance and cargo cases.

The deep experience of the Law Firm in this matter ensures positive solutions also by way of the litigation remedies of the relevant international rules.

Shipping law

In the field of transport law too, maritime or otherwise, the Law Firm has assisted main players, like top-notch Forwarding Houses, shipowners, multinational companies and, naturally, Insurance companies.

And also in such field the Law Firm has had the honour to represent Clients in important cases, also at international levels, like maritime accidents and general averages.

We can assist the Client from the start of the transport, including if needed in drafting the relevant transport documentation (Bills of Lading, Air Way Bills, etc.) down to the assistance in litigation be it “Hull & Machinery” or cargo, for any event or delay in the delivery of the goods.